One Happy Place: Aegir Project

While we always strive to experience something new - be it places, food, drinks, people - you name it - there is some magic in returning to places we already have visited.

They stick around in our memories as great experiences. Some part of these experiences we want to relive, maybe just fine tune or spice up a little bit.

Even nicer everything becomes when we return to a place to find out it became even better in our perception.

These places and the warmth they can create do exist!

Aegir Project in South Africa

Aegir Project in Noordhoek, South Africa is a place that is rooted deep in our hearts - full of sun, laughter, good vibes, great food, amazing people and of course awesome brews!

It is just a good feeling to know that we will be back here soon… for more brews, connections, new tastes and everlasting sunsets…

Aegir Project brews a range of great beers and their chefs cook mouthwatering bar food like Neapolitan Pizza, smashing Hamburgers and more - but it does not stop there: healthy, super fresh exciting meals to definitely give a go are:

  • Yuzu Salad
  • Tuna Ceviche
  • Fried Artichokes

While you say Hello to Aegir himself - the super friendly Ridgeback Doggo - try as many beers as you can from the super fresh tanks right behind the bar:

  • McCloud Lager - always crisp and great for hot days
  • Every single Pale Ale or IPA is just fantastic and so smooth
  • When lucky - you can get a Midnight Porter on Nitro - super smooth!
  • Try one of the aged beers from a nice big bottle or take it home to your cellar for further aging

The beers are as fresh as it gets

Freshness is key at Aegir thanks to very short distances: The brewery is in a smaller building just opposite of the Restaurant & Bar. Right there, founder Rory from Australia & Head Brewer Dylan from Jo’Burg also speed up the canning line they have built by their own hands during Covid. Few meters further the ready beer sits in the cold tanks behind the bar and are ready for you thirsty fellows!

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset views, be lucky, go home for a sleep, repeat the next day!

Oh have we mentioned Aegir Project is open every day from 9:00am and makes for a perfect remote working spot also? The great coffee next to superb breakfast dishes will get you going for a productive day as well - after work beer very close by!