10 Beer Spots in Portland you have to visit

Portland, Oregon is all about great beer - so let us dive right into a (luckily) very incomplete list of good brew spots:

Great Notion

On top of the list for a good reason is this colorful brewery that just screams Portland: weird, wild and funky beer creations like “Blueberry Muffin” and “Guava Mochi” sit next to super fresh IPAs, barrel aged, thick and heavy Stouts and lighter sours. That’s basically a full rainbow on your palate!

The Alberta Street location is perfect for a nice stroll on this lively street - along with cafés, shops, restaurants and lots more. The food is also pretty good and if the sun is out, definitely go for a table outside in their little garden. It is a picnic feel spot that is great for laid back get togethers with friends or friends to be.

The main brewery location at NW28th is the spot to go if you want to know more about the brewery. Also, if you dare: Saturday can releases are a real thing and you won’t be getting bored while queuing outside at 08:00am to get the freshest of take home beer you can imagine. Bring plenty of space in your car’s trunk and friends who help carrying.

Breakside Brewery

A Portland classic. Opened in 2010 in the Northeast part of town, they have delicious barrel aged stouts next to fresh ales on their 12 taps. The crew is super nice and will treat you with great bar food. The bottle selection is wide and colorful and you will not be disappointed! The area is very calm - yet not boring - and a contrast to Alberta Street or downtown.

Old Town Brewing

Old Town is love for everything rustic. Just off Alberta Street you will not miss this brewery. Its unique getaway feel transports you to a wooden cabin vibe far up the mountains. The big stone fireplace just makes this vibe complete! Try out a beer flight here and let us know how you like their Pizza! Crowler fills - fresh to your order - are a nice addition here for the road (don’t drink & drive though!).

Cascade Brewing

This one is another classic - if you are into barrel aged sours - the “House of Sour” obviously is your spot! Our favorite creations are everything with apricot. Also, blueberry blends nicely into a good funky beer! For the travelers amongst us - take home a big bottle or a lighter can if you need to check on luggage weight.

10 Barrel Brewing

Downtown you will find 10 Barrel Brewing. If the weather is on your side - you can go for upstairs sitting on their airy deck. Let us know if they still serve the Oyster shots! What’t the connection to beer here?! There is none - just a good fun item on the menu!

The last 5 spots are not breweries by definition but all have a great concept around the brew:


These fun spots are always found in old facilities that shine with new light:

McMenamins Kennedy School has been transformed to a mix of a Restaurant, Theater and Hotel. They brew beer there actually and serve it on site. The mood & vibe is very much like diving into an old movie set with tons of rustic wood, benches, arches, small and bigger artifacts from the past.

Crystal Ballroom downtown offers live music events and a large bar area with billard and pinball tables. The decor is rustic, mixed and just…. Portland! If Placebo and beer are your thing - go check it out.

The Growler Guys

A heaven for beer selections: 59 taps with rotating brews wait for your empty vessel to be filled. Of course you can also try out first what will go into your growler before you make a mistake. If you run out of own growlers - the Growler Guys have got you covered with their selection of glass and stainless steel variants for your brews. Besides local Oregon beers, you will find a nice variety of brews from other states such as Washington. Some even make their way from Idaho or North Dakota. The list is completed by Kombucha and CBD drinks.

Belmont Station

This spot exists since 1997. It is a great and unique corner bottle shop in a calm neighborhood plus much more. After browsing their excellent selection of cans and bottles - head next door to their own taproom. Right there - spend some good time making your choice from not less than 34 beers on tap! Cheers!

Imperial Bottle Shop

The next one to visit comes very close to Belmont! You can choose a bottle to be chilled down in the shop for later opening. Meanwhile, about 30 taps at the bar section should get your attention. Awesome brews from Fort George are on the list amongst many many others - pro Tip: get yourself a complete stout flight of dark excellence - then get an apple pie, then go to sleep!

Oregon Public House

Close to Breakside in Dekum you will find Oregon Public House. It is a non profit pub with selected charities. The concept is so nice - just support this spot and do something god while you sip a nice brew. Get to know the people who work there and all its story - something to remember!