Alvarado Street - Beer & Food Heaven!

There are places that never disappoint & always come up with new flavors! This counts for Alvarado Street in two ways:

Beer creations

From a constant Mexican Lager to a grapefruit soda inspired sour beer

called "Pink Limo Dads" - Alvarado Street has got you covered!

In between those you will find a big range of IPAs from easy and crushable to more heavy and complex. The quality is always top notch and all the flavors come together perfectly.

One long running bestseller is their award winning Mai Tai P.A. - a Pale Ale with tropical notes that will not disappoint you - promised!

Food menu

Just one of the best places to eat - not only to come for some pints of beers - in Monterey!

We always head straight to the ever inviting little beer garden in the back of the brewery to enjoy the cosy and airy vibes.

They have a beer bar there, too from which you can order and make sure you don’t run out of the great brews.

Now to the food itself...

The menu is constantly changing and evolving which is a nice detail for us and makes us want to come back more often.

Many vegetarian and vegan offers round up the options to choose from - the Fried Brussels Sprouts are a great example.

Many options are latin inspired or come with nice modern twist - like the Birria Fries.

If you crave for bigger portions - their pizzas and Hamburgers are also outstanding and fresh.

You can definitely tell the difference here between a brewery that offers some food on the side and a proper restaurant quality and menu.

Bonus Tip

Their new location “Alvarado on Main” is a gem for both beer and interior design lovers.

Let us know if you ever find a bar more beautiful and sophisticated in the overall design than this one - then we invite you for a beer right there!