A perfect Day in Vancouver

Let’s take you on a day trip to the Canadian West Coast. These spots are perfect for a day full of contrasts in and out of town. Even more - if you just landed in Vancouver after a long flight from Europe - this is an ideal day for a Jet lag cure. Set your alarm clock and let’s go!

So you are either an early bird by nature or suffer from the worst jet lag - like we did after our arrival. All is fine - we have got you covered in this one!

Get up early!

Get your sunrise photos from the Downtown Skyline at Vanier Park - you will have the Burrard Street Bridge in the foreground and lots of light coming through - magical! How to get there: You can head to the Vanier parking lot and just walk to your preferred spot close by.

Not far from here, enjoy a morning walk in Stanley Park and breathe in the fresh air.

Enjoy all the green and the views from this classical gem.

Already got some hiking shoes on? Nice!

Drive further North East through North Vancouver straight to Lynn Canyon. Pro Tip: Do this instead of Capilano Suspension Bridge to save on massive costs and crowds. Conveniently park your car at the Lynn Canyon parking lot (let us know if it is not free anymore) and walk towards Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It is just as awesome as Capilano, makes for great photos and is far less busy. If you feel to hike a little more - head towards 30 foot pool to discover the greenest green and clear waters ever! Continue to Twin Falls Bridge and make a round trip back to the parking lot. You should make the full round in about 2 hours easily - included stops for photos and snacks.

Head back to the city

Get a Brunch at Nemesis Coffee Gastown as a well earned reward. They brew very fine coffee that you don’t want to miss. Their food creations on rye sourdough are cracking!

Just around the corner - get another shot of caffeine at Revolver Coffee. Try their coffee flights with two types of espresso and two types of flat whites - perfectly makes for two people or one very greedy coffee nerd! Their interior is quite interesting with brick walls, small nooks and cosy window side seating options.

Time for beer!

Start at Strathcona and combine it with their amazing offspring Superflux! You will not regret their beers in terms of freshness - promised! Make it further south to 33 Acres and when it that area, easily walk to Brassneck - with a little luck the spot will smell like every brewery should smell: like freshly spent grains, steaming and just coming out of the mash tun. They serve a nice variety in very different beers - to our surprise, their Red Ale is just phenomenal.

Still thirsty for an evening night out?

Head back to North Vancouver for great sunsets at House of Funk. As you can tell, sour beers is their go to. Get a flight and enjoy the views towards downtown Vancouver while you sip some great sour stuff. Cheers!